Local Resident - Clara K.

“I was in the middle of grocery shopping when I accidentally locked my keys in the front seat of my car. Since it was pouring down rain in the parking lot at night, I really had no intent of staying there for any extended period of time. Thankfully, my handbag was still in the front of the shopping cart and I had my phone. The shops around me were mostly deserted except for the grocery store I had just left. I looked up local locksmiths on my Google app and found this locksmith. I called them up and asked them if they could do after-hours service to come unlock my car door so I could get my keys back. To my delight, they were able to come out within 25 minutes and they unlocked my door as soon as they got there. I was home within the hour! Absolutely great experience.”

Local Resident - Nick H.

“We are new to the Redfern area and still getting used to everything around here. My son neglected to remember to take his key off the kitchen counter when he went to school; he normally lets himself back in because he gets home from school earlier than I get home from work. Unfortunately, when he came back he did not have his key. I used my phone to look up local locksmithing businesses and found that this one had multiple five-star reviews from customers. I explained my situation to them and they understood it clearly. They mentioned that they had a 24 hour emergency service and dispatched a locksmith to my home where they found my son. They unlocked the door for him and let him in. Payment was easy and I did it by credit card over the phone. Very reliable business for sure.”

Redfern Travel - Jamie B.

“We run a travel agency, which you think would not be a normal target for burglars or prowlers, but we were surprised to find out that a burglar had broken into our business site one evening. The police told us that he did not use any force to get in, and simply picked the faulty locks with a small piece of metal. The locks themselves were known to be unreliable and easy to abuse. I was livid to hear this, given that I thought that pay good money for decent installation years back. This time, I decided not to make the same mistake and I went with a locksmith company as opposed to a general contractor. I heard great reviews about this company both from online and from local newspaper, and decided to go with them naturally. I was very pleased with the outcome of the situation, because the installation of new locks and security door reinforcements only took about two days, and it didn’t impede my business from going on; customers were still able to come in and set up travel plans with me because the locksmith simply sat to the side and worked quietly.”

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